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WordPress Website Design


Mi-Web is Office Innovation’s WordPress Website Design and Web Management element of the business. Having initially used WordPress to design and maintain our own websites we have now setup many different type of websites to small, medium and large businesses in the private and public sector, some with full ecommerce capabilities.

The beautiful thing about WordPress is once the framework for the site is built we can hand over the keys to our clients if they decide they want to continue to manage the website themselves and upload new content or alternatively we can manage the site on an ongoing basis for a fixed fee. 

To find out more our web design services please contact the Mi-Web sales team on Aylesbury 01296 340066, email sales@officeinnovation.co.uk


Wordpress Website Design

Social Media


Social Media Services


Office Innovation is a very social company and the Mi-Web division take care of the Social Media element of the business. We have pretty much all heard of Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Google+ by now and many of us use them in our everyday lives, they do also  however double up as an essential business tool to drive both marketing and sales.

Mi-Web have a wealth of experience in putting together social media campaigns for our clients which very much compliments our SEO offering and deliver effective results.

To find out more about Social Media services please contact the Mi-Web sales team on Aylesbury 01296 340066, email sales@officeinnovation.co.uk


Social Media

SEO MiWeb Aylesbury

SEO – Search Engine Optimisation


A Search Engines single goal is to bring results to a user that are good enough to get them to come back and visit them again and search for more relevant content. Mi-Web use a variety of search engine optimisation (SEO) tools and techniques to ensure our clients websites get found. 

Search Engines change their algorithms quite frequently now because people or companies are attempting to get Search Engine traffic in a non-traditional manor (sometimes called black hat seo), or there becomes a better way of obtaining more relevant search results. Mi-Web provide both onsite search engine optimisation and off site search engine optimisation using ethical, white hat techniques that we have proven works time after time.

To find out more about our SEO services please contact the Mi-Web sales team on Aylesbury 01296 340066 or email sales@officeinnovation.co.uk


Search Engine Optimisation